30.07.2014 г.

[News] Miley is back in the studio!

Miley Cyrus is bringing us new music, and it seems like she's ready to shock us AGAIN because she's making a tantalizing new record that she promises is completely different from the rest!

Miley explained:
"On my last record, everything we did was with computers. But they're real musicians – they can change keys on a whim. I've never seen anything like it. They've had me on this journey that's greater than anything I've been on. It's really deep."
Ohhhhh, music greater than Wrecking Ball??! It's hard to imagine! HA!
Miley's music making pal Mike WiLL Made-It confirmed it on Twitter when he wrote: 

So this means we get to hear the material soon, right??! RIGHT.
We can't stop getting more and more excited! Bring it!!!

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