30.07.2014 г.

[News] Miley and Madonna Hint at Possible New Collaboration by Instagram Posts

Miley Cyrus and Madonna have worked together for "MTV Unplugged" and their fans still have their memories fresh of the Miley-Madonna video where the two wore iconic cowboy-hats and sequined dresses for a rocking tongues-out performance. Everybody loved watching the two famous artists back then and the chances are that the two might work on a new collaboration soon.

Madonna reportedly posted a picture of what appeared to be the lyrics of a new song which read something like this. "All of my illusions, could be shattered in a second, you can thread a needle with a teardrop in my eye. It a cruel injustice to be witness to the things I see, looking for the answer."

The "Like a Virgin" singer reportedly tagged Miley Cyrus and MoZella (writer of Miley Cyrus' famous song "Wrecking Ball"), Idolator is reporting. Check out the picture here. Though Madonna did not make any announcements of their collaboration but her fans have been speculating about the potential duet ever since. Madonna's fans have commented heavily about her doing a song with Miley Cyrus and expressed their excitement about it.

Miley Cyrus too responded to Madonna's picture by clicking a selfie wearing a T-shirt with Madonna's topless picture. One can see Miley's tongue sticking out as she poses for the selfie in a dark blue denim jacket on top. Check out the picture here.

Miley and Madonna came together in the beginning of the year (January 2014) for the "MTV Unplugged" special episode of Miley. Pop queen Madonna joined Miley on stage and they did a medley of Madonna's hit number "Don't Tell Me" and Miley's song "We Can't Stop."

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