1.02.2014 г.

[Interview] Miley about ex-fiance Liam: "We still talk"

Pop singer Miley Cyrus has revealed that she doesn’t know where her engagement ring from ex fiancé Liam Hemsworth is. 
The 21-year-old made the startling revelation in an interview with Love magazine, as she features as their Spring/Summer cover star
When questioned about where the 3.5-carat Neil Lane engagement ring, given to her by the Australian actor, was she said: ‘Don’t know. Think it’s in the shower.’
Despite her blasé attitude towards the sparkler she continued insisting that the pair are still on speaking terms.
She shared: ‘We still talk and communicate. I was with him since I was 16 and nothing’s ever going to make that go away. I’ve known this guy all that time and if it doesn’t work out I can still smile amnd love him and he can love me and that’s great, that’s the way to be. Life is too short. If you get called one day and, God forbid, that person isn’t here, then the last thing you want to know that you had your ego in front of you. If you love someone, tell them you do, if you want to be friends with someone, be friends with them.’
During the interview, which is accompanied by a racy photoshoot by David Sims that sees Miley flash her nipple beneath a tiny star shaped nipple tassel, she addresses her attitude towards sexuality.
‘What’s crazy to me, and this is nuts, is that sexuality is still so offensive. Kids need to know about sexuality. Girls need to be comfortable in that. You know people laugh and think it’s funny that I said I’m a big feminist, but what about me isn’t? I tell girls, be who you are. Do whatever the f*** you want,’ she said. 
On the cover of the magazine, again shot by Sheffield-born David Sims, Miley sports a dramatic mohawk hairstyle.
Miley and Liam confirmed they had split in September 2013, after being together for two years.
The couple first met on the set of the 2010 romantic drama The Last Song, and began dating not long after.
Liam proposed to the former Hannah Montana star May 2012, and at the time the star gushed about her future with the hunky Aussie star.
'I'm so happy to be engaged and look forward to a life of happiness with Liam,' she told People magazine.
Since the split both Miley and Liam have remained quiet about what happened between them and their feelings for each other.

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