28.11.2014 г.

[News] Miley to attend the Art Basel Opening Night Party in Miami next week

Gratuitous tongue wagging. Thong onesies. Human-sized bananas.
Where are we? An Art Basel Miami Beach rager? Or a Miley Cyrus arena show?
Exactly. And that's why it is almost no surprise that America's most ratchet former Disney starlet is bringin' dem Bangerz to Basel week.
She has just been confirmed as the main attraction for Jeffrey Deitch, Tommy Hilfiger, and V Magazine's #ABMB bash at the Raleigh Hotel on South Beach.
But, duh, it's a private, invite-only thang.
Of course, Art Basel Miami Beach week is a seven-day stretch of art, music, and non-stop partying that's chockablock with nudity and puking in pools, among other such shenanigans. (And that's just the site-specific art.) So Miley's gonna fit in fine.
Meanwhile, this Basel gig is merely the latest significant moment in an ever-intensifying love affair between Ms. Cyrus and a certain sphere of the art world. She's stripped naked and humped a "Wrecking Ball" for hipster fashion photog Terry Richardson. She's remade the Beatles' "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" and "A Day in the Life" with not-so-secret pop tart admirer Wayne Coyne and his band, the Flaming Lips. And now she's about to get turnt up with puckish art dealer Mr. Deitch, AKA the guy who mistook Diddy for Kanye West at last year's Art Basel Miami Beach.
So far, there's no word on the exact plan for Miley's #ABMB act.

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