5.11.2014 г.

[Miscellaneous] Miley Birthday Project 2014

As I already announced back in Sptember, this year I'll be doing a project for Miley's birthday. The main idea is that you guys have to send me photos of you alone or with your friends wishing Miley a happy birthday and I'll put up a video with all of the pictures and we'll try to show it to Miley as a present for her 22nd birthday this year. In the video, except all of your photos, there'll be other surprises too. 

If you're a Smiler, make sure to participate in the project. That way you'll have contributed to the present that will make Miley happy for her birthday!

Read all of the rules for participating in the project in the picture above or here

ATTENTION: There're only 5 days left until the deadline of the project! So make sure you send your photo until then! 

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