12.10.2014 г.

[Streaming] Miley on Sunrise

Miley is scheduled to perform at the Sydney Opera House on Sunrise TV tomorrow at 7am (Sydney time). Cyrus will perform her biggest hits Wrecking Ball and We Can't Stop as well as a cover of Etta James’ I’ll Take Care Of You. Miley will also do a live Q&A session and interview during the show. You can watch the show live from the stream above. Check out time zones below:

Syndey – 7am (13 Oct)

UK – 9pm (12 Oct)

GMT – 8pm (12 Oct)

CET - 10pm (12 Oct)

EET - 11pm (12 Oct)

USA (EST) – 4pm (12 Oct)

USA (CST) - 3 pm (12 Oct)

USA (MST) - 2 pm (12 Oct)

USA (PST) – 1pm (12 Oct)

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