3.10.2014 г.

[News] Taylor Swift talking about Miley

In a recent interview with Tout Le Monde En Parle, a talk show in Canada, singer Taylor Swift mentioned Miley. Check out what she said:

"Honestly, I think that I cheer on anybody who is living their life on their own terms and wearing what they want to wear and representing what they want to represent. I think that no other female artist should be able to tell me to wear less clothes and I'm not gonna tell any other female artist to wear more clothes.
You know what I'm saying?
As long as it's their idea, and they're expressing their sexuality or they're expressing their strength or it makes them feel like a woman to perform a certain way or dress a certain way. I just think that as long as it's coming from them and they're living their life on their own terms, I cheer them on."

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