2.09.2014 г.

[Miscellaneous] 2014 Miley Cyrus Birthday Project

Just like last year, this year I'm making a birthday video for Miley for her 22nd birthday on 23rd November! Follow the rules below and send your photo until 10th November 2014! Tell all your friends to take part in the project and share the photo below. The more people take part the bigger chance we have Miley to notice the video!

● On a sheet of paper, a little poster or sign you have to write "Happy 22nd Birthday Miley" together with anything you want to wish Miley. You can also add the name of your country and why do you love Miley. For example: "Happy birthday, Miley! I wish you happiness, love and health. Don't ever stop being yourself because that's what you're best at! From: Brazil"

● Be creative and make your poster unique! Stick photos of Miley or draw something. It's up to you but be original!

● Take a photo of yourself alone or with your friends holding the poster. The photo must be with good quality so that the text can be read. 
NOTE: You MUST be on the photo!

● Send your photo to MileyCyrusWorld.blogspot.com@gmail.com or just tweet it to me (@TeamCyrusBG)

DEADLINE for sending the photo: 10th November 2014

Share this to promote the project:

Our 2013 Birthday Video for Miley:

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