4.08.2014 г.

[News] Miley talks about her possible new upcoming tour

During her concert in Philadelphia a few days ago, Miley revealed her upcoming tour will be more about the acoustic music. Check out what she said below (via @Alexandramaex, present at the show):

"We'll be taking the fucking Bangerz tour around the world, we love doing this so much and I love doing this part of the show (the acoustic set) with you guys so much, without everything and having to be up there with all the shit and whatever. So we decided to basically do the whole next tour just like this because I love being with you guys so much and I love it being simple and being able to like focus on your faces rather that focusing on a big fucking orange feathered bird coming at me and fucking sliding down a tongue and fucking shaking my ass on a car. If I wanted to shake my ass for a living I would have been a stripper and not a singer and I forgot about that shit that I'm actually not a stripper I am a singer. So I'm excited to get back on the road and be able to do a show that's a bit more about that shit."

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