28.08.2014 г.

[Interview] New Miley interview with UOL

When Miley was in Chicago a few weeks ago, she did an interview with UOL, a Brazilian website, where she promoted her Bangerz tour concert in Brazil next month. Check out a few of the quotes from Miley's interview below:

"We've been doing this show since February and I was always pretty calm about it. I only get nervous if there's too many of my own friends in the audience because it's just weird performing in front of people that you know."
"I always tell the fans that part of the performance comes from us and another bit is them reacting to us. There's a lot of crowd participation in our show that isn't in a lot of people's show. We have this kiss-cam and stuff. We made them do more that just watch, we really keep them involved in the show."
"There're some parts of the show that we couldn't bring (to Brazil) and I started freaking out about what I was gonna bring and how I was gonna replace it. And then I started thinking about the last time I was there and the freedom I felt like the Brazilians had and all the colours and I wanted to bring that to the show."

Listen to her full interview here

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