15.07.2014 г.

[News] Icona Pop about Miley: "She's sexy, edgy and extremely talented"

In a recent interview, the Swedish DJ duo Icona Pop talked about Miley. Earlier this year they opened a few of Miley's Bangerz tour concerts in the USA. Check out what they had to say below:

"She’s such an amazing girl. Super down-to-earth and caring. It was such a good vibe [on tour] and she’s so hardworking. She really inspired us. She’s really, really cool.” 
"I think the best thing with her is that she grew up in a family that was kind of famous so the best part about her is that she knows how to combine fun with work as well. She would never risk a show by going out the night before but if she was free the night after, she would definitely go out and have a good time.”  
“She’s really a smart woman and everything on stage … was her idea. She’s the boss of everything and it’s just very inspiring to be around someone who’s having a lot of fun because she’s doing stuff her way and with her friends and her crew, but in a very professional way.”

When asked what 3 words best describe Miley, Icona Pop answered with: "sexy, edgy and extremely talented"!

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