9.05.2014 г.

[News] Miley Cyrus' Music Director Talks Bangerz Tour Behind-the-Scenes

Miley Cyrus music director/American Hi-Fi frontman Stacy Jones tells us why Miley Cyrus is as punk rock as they come.

Billboard recently chatted with Stacy Jones, frontman of the "Flavor of the Weak" power pop band American Hi-Fi. Aside from giving some inside information on his band's just-announced new album "Blood & Lemonade," he also spoke about his current gig working as music director (and touring drummer) for a pop star you might have heard of: Miley Cyrus.

The Bangerz tour has been the talk of the pop world since it kicked off Feb. 14. Team Cyrus partied across the U.S.A. with its traveling circus of furries, foam fingers, Bill Clinton impersonators and human-sized hot dogs until Cyrus was bedridden in mid-March, forcing her to cancel and reschedule a slew of dates. But Miley is well again and fresh off a successful comeback concert two nights ago in London. To mark the occasion, here are six things we learned about the Bangerz tour from Jones.

1. The backing band on the Bangerz tour is the same one Miley played with eight years ago.

"Initially, the job was putting the band together. We put this band together for Miley and we're going on eight years now. Kudos to her (former) manager Jason Morey. He said, "I want you to hire people that will be her band for the next 20 years. The five guys in the band today are the same five guys who started with her eight years ago, which is rare in the pop game. People tend to come and go."

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