17.05.2014 г.

[News] Dolly Parton: 'I was going to duet with Miley on tour before she was hospitalised'

Country music legend Dolly Parton has confessed that before Miley Cyrus was hospitalised for a severe allergic reaction to medication, they were planning to perform a surprise duet together at her Nashville Bangerz date tour stop.

Parton explained that they had discussed treating fans to a rendition of her iconic single 'Jolene' at the show, but it ended up getting cancelled because Cyrus fell ill:

"She was coming to Nashville and she got sick and went to the hospital. I was going to come out and sing Jolene with her. So when she's back on the road, she's going to come back to Nashville (and) I'll catch up with her."

Parton, meanwhile, recently spoke to Access Hollywood about Cyrus and admitted that she will support her whether she makes good or bad career choices, because she knows the 'Wrecking Ball' beauty is smart and will be true to herself regardless of what that means where her pop superstardom is concerned:

"I worry a lot because she’s like my, she’s like kin folk, although we’re not related, we really feel like family. I’ve loved Billy Ray since he came on the scene and we worked a lot together. And I was there when Miley was born and I just loved her. I’ve watched her through the years."

"She’s so talented, she’s so smart. I’m gonna trust her. I’m just gonna hope for the best, and I think she’s extremely talented, extremely smart. And, I hope her decisions are the right ones down the road for her. And if not, I’ll still love her.”

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