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[News] Miley's Bangerz Tour Creative Director Diane Martel Talks Gingham, Flying Hot Dogs, And More

Ride-or-die Smilers already know, but if you aren't up in Twitter search, looking for the latest update on Miley Cyrus' Bangerz Tour every week, you're missing out on an always changing and growing and constantly entertaining pop show. Along with a grip of glittering new designer togs cycling in week after week, Miles changes up her acoustic set almost every show to keep the variety. With less than a month left of the U.S. leg of her tour, it seems there are still a few surprises up Miley's sleeve. We were lucky enough to catch up with Diane Martel, the tour's creative director and the "We Can't Stop" music director, to get the inside scoop on the weird and wonderful world of Bangerz.

MTV STYLE: How would you define your ole for the Bangerz Tour? What attracted you to the project and what do you oversee?

DIANE MARTEL: Everything about this project was attractive. It was an extraordinary challenge to create a show that is deliberately over-stimulating with an eye on 2014 pop art/culture, while allowing for moments that are simple and heartfelt.
Unlike other people who direct tours, I am a film director, so I took on two roles here. I creative directed and directed the live show with Miley, and I creative directed, co-directed, conceived, and co-produced all of the video content. This was the most challenging job I've had to date. To answer the question, I oversaw every element of the tour from the stage show to the tour book. I have Miley to thank for allowing me the freedom to investigate live performance in this massive way. I think the show is a success and I am proud of it.

How did you and Miley collaborate on creative for the tour? Tells us about the process.

I put together a very specific collection of references, a giant treatment, and showed it to Miley. She added her ideas to mine, and I began working on the tour. We would have meetings every few weeks for me to check in with her to get her approval or comments. It was important for us to create a show that she could play any way she wanted to and that would stay fresh for a long run.

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