7.04.2014 г.

[Fashion] Brian Lichtenberg’s Just Being Miley

Considering her apparent allergy to clothes, Miley Cyrus seems an unlikely star for a fashion brand to champion. However, as we learned from Marc Jacobs’ Spring ’14 campaign (and Cyrus’ various onstage antics), the pop princess can spur a frenzy in any state of (un)dress. Designer Brian Lichtenberg, best known for his cheeky T-shirts that riff on high-end labels’ monikers, is the latest talent to get behind Ms. Montana, and collaborated with the singer on a series of wearable mementos for her current Bangerz tour. “I met her through a mutual friend, and we got into a texting relationship,” Lichtenberg told Style.com. “She was a big fan of the brand, so I brought up the idea of [working together] and she was totally into it.”

Lichtenberg, who asserts that Cyrus is “just how you’d think—really funny and humorous” when she texts, whipped up a series of styles for the singer. Her favorite—a black T-shirt and sweatshirt printed with “Mileywood” and Cyrus’ signature wagging tongue—are now on sale at the star’s concerts and on Lichtenberg’s website. “It was an homage to one of her songs and how she’s just creating her own world,” offered Lichtenberg of the tour wares’ inspiration. He added that, despite his reputation for turning high-end fashion names on their heads, the items are not a play on Cyrus’ friend and supporter Terry Richardson’s 2012 tome, Terrywood. “It was just a coincidence,” he said. “I’m a fan of Terry’s work, and it was only afterward that I realized, Oh, yeah, he does have that book.”

Unsurprisingly, the tour tops have been selling like hotcakes (it’s the Miley touch!), and it sounds like the designer’s recently relaunched high-end range isn’t doing too shabbily, either. After Lichtenberg’s Fall ’14 presentation at New York fashion week, his collection was picked up by high-powered retailers Colette and Harvey Nichols, among others.

Lichtenberg teased that he has an upcoming project with a yet-to-be-named supermodel, and hopes to expand his T-shirt line. He also wouldn’t mind collaborating with Cyrus again in the future. When asked if he felt Cyrus’ pesky penchant for nudity would get in the way, Lichtenberg laughed, “Every now and then you’ve gotta cover it up!”

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