2.02.2014 г.

[Interviews] LOVE magazine

At first I wasn’t sure about Miley. A lot of people aren’t. It was tricky to borrow clothes for the shoot because she seems to divide opinion in a Marmite-esque way. Many people who I respect didn’t want to get involved. They thought there was something superficial about her – dangerous, even.
But then you meet her. And she’s the most charming, intruiging celebrity I’ve ever come across. She reminds me of a young Drew Barrymore – someone who is wiser than her years, who’s seen a lot and come out the other side (at the grand age of 21), and is about as dangerous as my rabbit. She’s extremely bright – mesmerising in fact.
To be honest, I ummed and ahhed about writing an introduction to this story. I didn’t feel like I needed to defend the decision to work with Miley as I just liked her – Marc Jacobs had told me I’d adore her – and I like Bangerz. But then there was the internet furore surrounding her supposedly dissing Beyonce in the interview that follows. She never did: Beyonce was never even mentioned. Neither she or I are very interested in dissing anyone – particularly not talented and fascinating artists like Beyonce. Life is far too short and, as Miley says in the interview: ‘I never say anything bad about anyone’.

Furthermore, she absolutely loves fashion: she looks good in it, she enjoys it. She walked into the studio wearing a Margiela see-through top, star nipple covers (seen here), skinny black vinyl trousers and heavy lace-up boots. She’s tall and lean, and wears clothes very well – in fact she should wear more of them more often. Her choice of music was weird and interesting, presumably influenced by her dad: it included Tiny Tim’s ‘Tiptoe Through the Tulips’ and ‘Ruler of My Heart’ by Irma Thomas, alongside the more predictable Lil’ Kim. She also turned up to the shoot on time, and has never taken a single phone call or replied to any texts on any occasion that I’ve worked with her – many a model might want to take note of this level of concentration and dedication. When we were photographing her for the Marc Jacobs campaign the shots were very tricky to set up, as we had several girls in the pictures and film set-type lighting. At one point David Sims thanked Miley for her patience, to which she replied: ;There’s nothing I’d rather be doing right now in the world. I’m wearing Marc Jacobs on a fake beach in a studio in LA.’ And she meant it.So here you have Miley…The perfect star today, and I’m a fan.
- Katie Grand, 7 January 2014

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