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[Articles] Here's Why Miley Cyrus Should Be On The Cover Of American Vogue Instead

Miley Cyrus, deep in Marilyn Monroe mode, is on the cover of Germany's Vogue this March. With a curly, short 'do, see-through halter and cherry red lips, Miley's never looked happier. But it reminds fans of her not-so-gleeful past with Vogue — the rumors that editor-in-chief Anna Wintour had barred her from the American cover after her scandalous VMAs performance in August.
That didn't stop the "Wrecking Ball" singer from taking her Vogue desires across the pond though, posing for Mario Testino in a very special issue. Cyrus' German Vogue spread stands out, well, because of her fully exposed chest. Sure, we've seen Miley side boob, Miley deep V, Miley everything-but nipples and even Miley camel toe (and yeah, I know you just clicked every single one of those links), but as MTV Style pointed out earlier today, full-on Miley boob was inevitable. And there's no reason why that couldn't happen at U.S. Vogue. Hello, when has high fashion ever been afraid of nudity?
Here are the reasons why Miley should land herself a shoot with the U.S. Fashion Bible:

It's Pretty Much The Only Magazine She Needs
Gotta catch 'em all! Miley's been on pretty much every magazine cover on the planet. Cosmo, Marie Claire, Glamour, Notion, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Billboard, Rolling Stone and way more. Multiple times. Help her finish her collection, Anna!

The VMAs Aren't An Excuse
According to several reports, Wintour canceled plans to put Miley on her cover in the backlash of her rather raunchy VMAs performance. But does twerking on Robin Thicke really make you unworthy of covering Vogue?

Rihanna Is Just As Provocative
Our friends at Style also reported that Rih Rih is Vogue's cover star for March. But she can be just as provoking as Miley. See her Instagram and "Pour It Up" video for proof.
And, not to stir the pot or anything, but Kim Kardashian reportedly has a Vogue cover coming up. If you're afraid of controversy, well... think about the comment section on that cover story.

Vogue Is Missing Out On Madonna-Level Iconography
After Miley's "Unplugged" mash-up with Madge, we basically think they are the same person — mostly because of the controversy they spurred in their lifetimes. They're both into reinventing themselves, they both had racy VMA performances and they each posed for scandalous photos. Madonna's been on the cover of Vogue four times... not to mention that she has a SONG with the same name.

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