18.01.2014 г.

[News] Emily Osment talking about Miley

In a recent interview with The TV page, Emily Osment (Miley's co-star from Hannah Montana), spoke about Miley. Check out what she said below:

You are probably best known from Hannah Montana.  You and Miley Cyrus used to be the best of buddies.  But I never see you photographed together anymore… 
We all grow up.  We all do different things. 
Are you still cool with each other? 
We’ll always be cool. 
What do you think of the way she has broken out of the Disney mold? 
I love Miley to death and whenever someone asks me a question like that they usually want a negative response.  I can’t give you a negative response.  I love her to death. 
Some people think she is brilliant that she has been able to get all this attention. 
Why does everyone have to have an opinion? 
Doesn’t she want us to have an opinion?  Isn’t that why she is doing what she does? 
Nobody knows what she wants. She is doin’ her own thing. She is just in a new place. People are terrified of change. You move on. You do different things. She’ll figure it out.

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