23.01.2014 г.

[Interview] Miley Cyrus Talks About Her Tour And Packing A Bag Of Thongs With The Lady La Show

Miley Cyrus is prepping for her 2014 tour starting February 14th and she stopped by the Lady La show this morning to chat about  a huge 2013 with the release of her new album, her controversial award show performances, and her split from Fiance’ Liam Hemsworth- so how will she top 2013? How about start the new year off with a tour!  And while it isn’t Miley’s first time to Phoenix, she’s excited to bring the tour here.
Even though she sings about “Js on her feet” her Jordon collection she’s not as stocked up as she should be.  Miley revealed to Lady La that since she’s only 5’4” and she’s trying to look 5’9” so she wears heals a lot.  If she’s going to wear flats it’s got to be gothic boots that have a big sole on them.
Miley didn’t even realize everyone was flipping out about her twit pic of Chicken and Waffle’s (a Phoenix favorite by the way).  And because everyone flips out she doesn’t feel she can go to her messages without getting some sort of twitter abuse.
She also mentions how some celebrities seem to loose there social skills when they depend on a publicist and she’s never really allowed herself to hide behind her team.  If she doesn’t want to talk about something she relies on her social skills to get herself out of it.  Miley understand you can’t do that in life and that you need to learn to stand up for yourself.
In regards to having any regrets, Miley was taught by her mom that you can’t change what has happened and you need to learn from it.  She feels mistakes are some of her favorite things, usually they are fun and because that’s where you learn the most.
Winter isn’t as good for Miley’s wardrobe situation, that’s why she lives in LA.  She just is the only person she knows that has four suitcases full of thongs and bathing suits, which sounds like the perfect gear to wear in Phoenix when she comes February 27th!

Take a listen to the interview HERE.

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