16.01.2014 г.

[Interview] Miley Cyrus Talks About Being Gay Bar ‘Royalty’

Miley Cyrus admitted to 99.7 [NOW!]’s Fernando & Greg Thursday morning that she not only frequents gay bars but is also surprised by the impact her music and style has on pop & gay culture.
While chatting with Fernando and Greg, Miley did admit that some of the excitement of “Wrecking Ball” is starting to wane. “It used to be really exciting when ‘Wrecking Ball’ would come on.” Miley commented, “I’ve heard that 50,000 times but it doesn’t ever get old. That is kind of the thing I’m always stoked every time I hear any of my songs on the radio.”
Much like Fernando and Greg she still loves hearing “Party In The USA” and the reaction it gets. Fernando pointed out that at a recent party, the crowd went wild when the song came on.
“Let’s also mention it was a room full of gay men,” points out Greg.
“If the party starts to die, you put that song on at a gay party and you can keep it going for at least ten more minutes,” agreed Cyrus.
Miley also shared that this past Halloween she went out to a gay bar (Which every single lady does on any type of holiday) and was surprised by what she experienced because she really had not thought of the impact she had made on pop culture in 2013.
“So I went out and every single dude was me. And it was very funny.” Cyrus recalled, “And every gay guy was dressed as me and I felt like I came in and I was some sort of royalty. If you probably would have put me in line I don’t know if you could have picked me out of the bunch.”
According to Miley, her Halloween outfit (and presumably her VMA get-up that drew so much attention) did not even come close to the men at the club she was at.
“Some of the guys were actually looking beautiful – more beautiful than me – and wearing even if you can get any skankier clothes.” Mused the pop star, “Definitely a little skankier than me.”

Hear the full interview HERE!

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