27.12.2013 г.

[Lists] Do Something's Top 20 Celebs Gone Good of 2013: #14 Miley Cyrus

The Do Something website released a list of 20 celebrities who have done more good in the past year and Miley is at #14!

Have you heard of Miley Cyrus? She used to be on this Disney show, she twerked at a big video awards show this year...she basically became the official Pop Culture President of 2013. Not only did she make headlines pretty much every week this year, and have a questionable relationship with a hammer in the controversial Wrecking Ball video (but seriously, the song is sooooo good!), she ALSO managed to use her platform (read: nipples) for good. This December, Cyrus tweeted a photo of herself outside in the snow, with her shirt lifted up and hearts blocking any real nudity to support the indie film Free the Nipple, a documentary questioning censorship of the U.S. media in regards to the naked female body and the lack of censorship in the media to violence. Biggest year of her career AND using social media to raise awareness for a good cause? #thebestofbothworlds

Check out the full list here.

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