17.12.2013 г.

[Articles] 50 Cent Talks Miley Cyrus

In a recent interview with Complex magazine, the rapper 50 Cent mentioned Miley. Check out what he said below:

What’s your favorite thing to listen to on them [your headphones] right now? 
My favorite stuff? It’s changing. If I watch something and it’s on my mind, I’ll have a stronger interest and I’ll be listen more. I was listening to Miley Cyrus after the [VMAs]. Because to me, [she’s making] a creative choice. That’s all. And the things she was doing, I could see Madonna doing it and being accepted immediately. But it’s how they perceive her. And it’s not [by] that creative choice. The perception is "[You're] Hannah Montana, so stay there."

Check out the full interview HERE.

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